Pressure and Flow Monitoring in Urban Water Supply Networks


Challenge Overview

Ensuring consistent, reliable water delivery in urban areas hinges on a delicate balance: pressure. City water supply and drainage systems grapple with maintaining adequate pressure throughout the network. Too low, and homes and businesses experience frustratingly weak flow, hindering daily routines and firefighting capabilities. Too high, and the risk of pipe bursts and costly water loss surges.

Enhance Urban Water Monitoring

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Precision pressure and flow monitoring empowers water utilities to achieve this vital balance. By strategically deploying pressure transmitters throughout the network, real-time data empowers proactive management.


Imagine a pressure drop in a specific district. Without monitoring, this might go unnoticed until residents report low flow. With pressure transmitters, the utility receives an immediate alert, allowing them to pinpoint the issue – perhaps a partially closed valve or a leak. A swift response minimizes disruption and water loss.

The Role of the Pressure Transmitter in Pressure and Flow Monitoring in Urban Water Supply Networks

The workhorse of this solution is the pressure transmitter. This compact device attaches directly to the pipeline and converts water pressure into a digital signal. This signal is then transmitted wirelessly or via cable to a central monitoring system.

How the Pressure Transmitter Works in Pressure and Flow Monitoring in Urban Water Supply Networks?

1Sensing Pressure: The transmitter utilizes a pressure sensor, often a diaphragm or piezoresistive element. As water pressure pushes against the sensor, it causes a physical change.
2Converting the Signal: This physical change is then translated into an electrical signal proportional to the pressure.
3Digital Conversion: An internal microprocessor converts the electrical signal into a digital format for accurate transmission.
4Data Transmission: The digital pressure data is wirelessly transmitted (common) or sent via cable to a central monitoring system.
Pressure and Flow Monitoring in Urban Water Supply Networks



Pressure and flow monitoring with pressure transmitters is a game-changer for urban water management. By providing real-time data and insights, utilities can optimize distribution, minimize loss, and deliver a reliable water supply to their communities.

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